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The Importance of Philosophy

Have you ever lived in a city for a good long while and one day found yourself looking down upon it realizing all the places you have been and haven't been?

That's what it's like to explore a new idea.

You get to see so much of what you walked, drove, and passed right by never realizing it was there. Gardens with wonderful flowers are fenced up so you can’t see them at street level while railways are blocked from view with safety cages covering bridges walls. And the courtyards surrounding hundred year old mills and towers are open to view plain as day, albeit several hundred feet away.

Here you see all the ideas you never considered because people put up fences, road blocks, and barriers in addition to all of the same you may have constructed for yourself. And then after a while of exploring all of this, you may think to yourself:

How much higher can I go to see what else I may have missed?

This is what it is like to explore new ideas like Voluntaryism, The Nonaggression Principle, Patience, and Humility. Sometimes we get stuck on stepping stones of thought. Other times we never seek out higher stepping stones. And unfortunately some of us become enthralled with looking at an increasingly bigger picture. In fact these things happens so much so that we forget that we need to stop shaming those who cannot see what we see.

We need to sometimes come back down to the street level of thinking we were lived for so long. We need to remember how we happened upon that high rise by chance. We need to remember all the things we couldn't see.

We need to do this because compassion doesn't come from high above. Compassion comes from lowering ourselves to be with others so we can help them raise themselves up just a little a time when they are ready to do so.

That is what the Philosophy of Voluntaryism is all about!




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