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The Rejection of Reason


To reject reason is to promote a less civilized mentality. Let me rephrase that. To reject reason for any justification is to advocate and promote lesser civility.

Now, go ahead and jump to conclusions. Ensure you do not ask questions to understand a statement that will be ridiculed as an absolute without context and further clarity for comprehension. It's okay, because that is rejecting reason that you cannot fathom as of yet.  You will not be condemned for something you don’t know as that would make me hypocritical.

To clarify, I did not specify to whom one might be rejecting reason with. And that is the most important recognition of the aforementioned statements. Who is rejecting reason with whom?

To accept that violence is necessary is to accept that the known alternatives are not enough to continue a more civilized course of actions. And what is civility if not the advocacy of peace, creation, and the protection of reason capable life and its property?  Therefore, it is important to understand that there is always more than one way to solve a problem or arrive at an answer.

To reject reason is often to show that the individual does not understand how to reason further with him or herself in order to calm their mind and think faster to end the altercation and preserve a life that may yet play a role in the promotion of Humanity's pinnacle of success being raised yet again.  The key is to not believe you must always have the answer to every solution.  The key is to continually refine your problem solving skills and increase the rate at which you are capable of thinking.  We do not have to do anything other than process information faster.  Reflexes of the mind will carry over into the reflexes of the body.

This is the wisdom of pity. It saves lives when learned and honed. Many die and deserve life while others live and deserve death. But how many of us can equally grant others what they deserve?  So far, few if any at all.

It is in the recognition of this concept that reason must be embraced. Rarely in life is a conflict so simple that one side is purely out for destruction and the other purely wise and fully comprehended in creation. No.  Conflict is a mix of the two.

 This is the purpose of reason.  To stay the hand of punishment without full comprehension of context is to reason while issuing punishment and violent destructive defense is rejection of reason without comprehensive context.  It is the immense amount of resources of time, intellect, and labor required which ward off so many from such self reflection to understand this; to put themselves into a position of false accusation on account of a mistake made which hinders or hurts others. Few want to take responsibility and be seen by the crowd that is Humanity for making a stand.

These stands, if working against what is popular or currently upheld regardless of right or wrong or any fully transparently defined philosophy is a terrible fate. The collective does not tolerate dissent as there is some truth to safety in numbers. People often prefer being wrong or clouded in philosophical clarity than to being right or crystal clear and alone.

But no matter the position, reason is rarely about how we interact with others.  Reason, when understood in purpose is about how we interact with ourselves internally to a far greater extent.



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