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To Learn or not to Learn

People who claim to understand liberty in reality and also state they can't fathom how something can be done without government, just don't understand liberty and morality.  What I find most interesting is that when presented a case for how something can be done without government and then given a set of books to read further bolstering this case, people offered this information will find some excuse to not utilize it.

Take for example the ever popular statement of, "I find so-and-so's work to be excruciatingly dry."

Another that I find very interesting is when someone tells me something along these lines, "in order to understand X one must understand how the power structures in Y operate.  Therefore I suggest reading this book by so-and-so."

At the end of the day I find it remarkably irritating and simultaneously just as disappointing when people argue how they don't need to understand because of X reason or reasons.

If you find the work somebody creates in order to educate to be off putting for any reason that is not hostile then you are not geared towards actually understanding.  There is a difference between a writer or educator being hostile towards his or her audience and their choice of writing or teaching style simply just being dry or otherwise requiring a little more patience to understand.

So let me reiterate this one more time:
If you can make an excuse as to why you won't or can't read something then it is not the individual who is trying to teach or educate that is the problem.  No, it is you.


"I can't read so-and-so's work because it is dry."

"I find so-and-so's work to be long-winded."

"I find so-and-so's work to be overly simplified and not worth further understanding."

Let me share something else with you. The desire to learn honestly is not hindered by some bullshit excuse that states you are intellectually unprepared to do what is necessary to understand.

An individual truly desiring to learn will read the good, the bad, and the ugly all the same because he or she desires to understand as much as possible.





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