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Vaccines, You, Government, & Your Doctor



Debate Topic: Should Doctors Be Required To Know Vaccine Ingredients And Injuries Caused By Them?


"Required" is probably the wrong word for this question.  It implies that there should be some entity, likely government or a similar entity with a monopoly on the use of violent coercion, to enforce the obedience of any law that makes such actions mandatory.  In a market free of coercion, typically comprised of government regulations, laws, and unwarranted interference, the consumer can regulate, via the doctor's bottom line, the services offered by doctors concerning everything; including the knowledge of ingredients in various vaccines.


Just as numerous companies will likely self regulate to cater to customer demand for knowledge so too will doctors by striving to remain knowledgeable about such things.  So to answer the question in this debate I would say this:


If the requirement to enforce such a regulation upon doctors is going to be made by government or other force based authority's intervention then no.  Coercion to encourage a particular behavior is essentially a threat of violent force devoid of logic and reasoning free of duress.  Coercion does not teach good moral behavior, personal responsibility, or good customer service in the same way logic and reasoning does in association with leading by example free of duress and encouraged by producing a superior product to others in order to control or command through trust a portion of the market place.


If the requirement to enforce such a regulation upon doctors is made by the individual consumer by promoting or hurting the pocket books of doctors through voluntary interactions then I say yes.  Profit should not be considered a dirty word as it is the basis for economic interactions between people seeking to satisfy the four basic necessities of their lives; sustenance, shelter, security, and happiness.  Without profit people would not likely engage in the innovative pursuits of new technologies such as vaccines.  There must be a trade deemed fair by those creating and those wanting/desiring to consume.




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