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Will the Tea Party continue to show its strength, or will the GOP reign in the Tea Party?


What does it really matter, in the end, what the GOP or the Tea Party does?  Until the consolidation of the United States through a bloody war which lasted nearly five years and cost the lives of more than 500,000 people, there existed a real choice between those we could be elect to be our masters while still maintaining small vestiges of authority as masters over others; through legal channels that were approved of by those we accepted authority from in Washington D.C. that is.


In other words what little nobility remained in the actual process and maintenance of a federal government died when the Union government waged war against the seceded people of the Southern States under the command and request of Republican Party leadership.  For good or ill, the right of secession is a natural right to maintain peacefully through spoken consent and violently through self defense.  At times I despise and others I pity the party of Republicans for what it is.  A political party founded on the failed ideologies of the not so Grand Ole Whig Party; a party founded on the rebirth of the Federalist Party.  Each successive transformation only changed the name of the party, not the core political ideology.


Regardless of what is shown to any real or puppet media, the Republican Party is not now nor ever has been a party for small and limited government.  During the middle years of the War of Federal Aggression, the American Civil War as it is known to most, the Republican Party nearly died at the hands of a struggling war effort.  Without massive amounts of propaganda that fed the ranks of Union lines through immigrants and draft calls used to promise to feed the poor, victories would not have been achieved.  The use of attrition tactics to overwhelm the mettle of Southern defenders was not noble nor was it beneficial to the liberties of those men tricked into serving the false greater good of humanity.


The Republican Party was a party born again of the old Federalists and baptized in the blood of otherwise good men from both the North and South.  To deviate from its initial goals of larger more military oriented government that maintains a tight grip on economic controls in the form of old British Mercantilism is not part of its programming per se; unless such a path can benefit the growth and authority of the federal government beneath Republican control.


The ideologies of the Tea Party are noble in sentiment in the same way the idea of government is noble.  Unfortunately, the idea of government is not compatible with disagreement.  People are either obedient to the rules and jurisdiction of government or they are branded outlaws, terrorists, or public nuisances.  It is noble to fight for a system that will protect people; but such a system is always counter-productive on the grounds that it is not entirely negotiable; meaning that people cannot opt out peacefully without being forced to flee the jurisdiction of the government in question.  There is either government you like or there is government you don't like.  The inside rules may be negotiated only in ways that are at best neutral on the authority of the federal government regardless of political party in power.


At no time in history has the Federal government allowed peacefully for its authority to be reduced in a proportion equal to the power it regularly confiscated through deceptive legal language or bloody war after the spring of 1865!  The Tea Party and any entity struggling to control the GOP in any way only wage futile battles.  In the past many Tea Party groups have claimed a path to restoring the Republican Party to its roots of limited and fiscally responsible government.


Sadly, the roots of the Republican Party are not that of small and fiscally responsible government.  Those roots belong to the Democratic-Republican Party.  This party evolved to form the Democratic Party we know today.  Ironic as it seems the party that is known for supporting African slavery is the true party of fiscally responsible and limited government.  Unfortunately at this stage in the existences of both national parties, there is likely no hope for affecting a real change; a change that actually encourages liberty without strings attached.


So let the Tea Party show its strength.  What difference will it really make when it is ultimately stomped down or corrupted by the core ideology of the Republican Party, the Whig Party, the Federalist Party, the old faithful group of Tories still celebrating the Union Jack and His or Her majesties protection and secret benefits?







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