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Bakers, Bigots, and Bigger Idiots!

Oregon Bakery Owners Devastated by $150k anti-Discrimination Fines for not selling a wedding cake to a same sex couple.



What does it matter why someone won't engage in a voluntary interaction with another?


What does it matter if one side, the other, or both are open about their reasons?


The only thing that matters is that all interactions are voluntary; and by interjecting legalities from an entity that claims jurisdiction over all in its boundaries with or without their consent is immoral.  It is immoral on the grounds that morality doesn't come from authority; be it a deity or a majority ruling.


Morality comes from the concept of perpetuating the human species by forbidding unwarranted acts of aggression against one human being by another.  By restricting unwarranted acts of aggression between human beings a code of conduct is constructed that helps to sustain humanity and allow the focus to be on preparing and defending against that which we cannot control, namely nature and the remainder of the universe which does not discriminate against humanity but will equally destroy all of us when we are careless and ignorant.


By legislating rules that force individuals to serve others the laws are violating the property rights of the individuals performing a voluntary, or what should be a voluntary service.  This violation is a continuation of the violation of the bakers' rights to be governed at all pending their perspectives. 


The offended couple need only seek out one of the offending bakers' competitors to gain what they want in order to teach the offending bakers a lesson in economics, if not also morality.  Instead they chose to further involve the entity that also violates their consent, or can easily violate their consent in the future, which sets or strengthens a precedent of solidifying greater power and authority into the hands of an entity that is already founded on immorality; an act that is nothing short of unwarranted aggression thus immoral and retards the ability of humanity in part to sustain itself, let alone improve itself.


The offending bakers may be bigots but the in this case here the same sex couple are the bigger idiots for empowering the same entity that will, not could, make their lives far more difficult with a simple and fickle change of power in a single election or by appointment.





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