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I have lots of ideas.  We all do!  But not all of our ideas are for everyone.  Pending our moods and frames of mind, we create with different flares for perspective.  Communication is difficult enough before we begin to add our own emotional twists.  So here are my perspectives on similar subjects from different angles.

Liberty & Morality Defined offers serious in depth insight into the ideas of liberty and morality.  The focus, while similar to The Philosophy of Voluntaryism, is about breaking subjects down so others can see my work.  This is what started it all for me with my first steps into a larger world!

The Philosophy of Voluntaryism follows a similar path to Liberty & Morality Defined.  However, this venture is made possible with a partner, Danilo Cuellar.  We focus on the most peaceful avenues possible in deconstructing the unknown for others to join us.  Our mindset is that we are all equals in opportunity until an individual decides that he/she is somehow not equal.

How to Anarchy is just my whimsical take on being silly about serious ideas which real world impacts.  I always loved the Mario Bros. games as kid.  I could never get enough of them.  Despite having what many would consider a good childhood, I grew up fearful.  Mario Bros. and the expanded universe of it was my go to as an escape from a father who found it difficult to control his temper and teach me what he only understood in sentiment.

The Nescience of Fear is the most intense of my projects.  In a world where hostility is the norm ranging from corporeal punishment of children as young as 1 year of age to verbal and physical spousal abuse and even the turning of a blind eye to the atrocities of war because we are so far away from most of them, I discuss the barriers these ideas construct when not recognized.  This project starts with my own exploration of how the unintended consequences of my parents’ choices affected my own ability to comprehend the world around me.

This is a painful project from my perspective.  While Liberty Defined may have been the project which started everything else I have on this site, the concept behind this particular endeavor is how I learned to teach myself so I may teach others the path I have walked.

Self Value> Empathy > Consent > Morality > Nonaggression > Voluntaryism > Compassion > Respect > Faith > Trust > Companionship > Loyalty > Love.  This is my pathway to connecting with others peacefully and purposefully.

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