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The Liberty Paradox


Since I wrote Liberty Defined in 2013, I’ve continued to expand my understanding of Liberty.  Though I continue to hold onto the core pillars of that work, I’ve since refined much of it.  The most prominent refinement is the introduction of empathy.


While a powerful skill to hone, empathy alone is not enough to understand Liberty and teach it.  Patience, self discipline, and vigilance are also equal pillars of my foundation of thought.  If I can compare this foundation of thought to anything, it would be that of a life philosophy; a code of self imposed guidelines.


My intention with The Liberty Paradox is to share a perspective on how to practically apply the ideas of wealth, freedom, peace, and morality through understanding what they actually are on a fundamental level and why they can benefit those who do not define their ideas as thoroughly while still wanting to affect others.  More precisely, this is about showing the world that anyone can create something worthwhile; even after being raised in a culture of fear and obedience.


The United States of America, while championed for its claims of freedom, is just as prone to tyranny as any other governed land.  And like any other governed land, The U.S.A has its own cultural quirks and faults which often hold back and outright destroy the potential of many for a few, regardless of the noble claims of the greater good.

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-Jim Limber Davis

Liberty & Morality Defined


This is the idea that started it all for me!  Around the 2008 financial crisis in the United States I began formulating bits and pieces of ideas I’d created and gathered over the previous eight years.  I worked for an airline for the previous three years.  With the way they operated, I was given ample time to read in the downtime waiting for aircraft to come in before the mad rush to send them back out.


During this time I read hundreds of books.  My favorite serious by far is the Political Incorrect Guides.  However, before I started working for the airline industry, I called and visited many local and state archives in my quest to understand the history of the United States leading up to, during, and the first five decades after the War of Federal Aggression.  That’s the American Civil War to everyone else.


Almost everything I learned seemed to contradict or outright prove incorrect the lessons I learned from government approved text books.  Furthermore, what I discovered proved both myself and my childhood best friend correct about what that war was all about.  It was about ‘states’ rights’ equally as much as it was about ‘slavery’.  We just didn’t realize the context of the points we were arguing was different.


All of this personal research aided my comprehension even more when I read books such as the Politically Incorrect Guide series, Amity Shlaes’ The Forgotten Man, and even The Creature from Jekyll Island.  What I noticed was the common ground everyone was seeking.


They all wanted to maintain and improve the quality of their lives.  It was so simple.  What I needed to do was understand how they were trying to do that.  Ultimately I figured out what ‘free trade’ is and what ‘wealth’ is.  That is the crux of my first book, Liberty Defined.


In my second book, Morality Defined, I show case what the other common ground is that people have.  Connecting the core building blocks of what wealth is from Liberty Defined, I was able to clearly show where that wealth gets it value from.  People who desire to maintain and or improve the quality of their lives.  These people place value on their lives and want it respected.


These are just the starting points of the legacy I desire to leave behind when I have physically faded from this world.  I created a core philosophy of voluntaryism and believe that to be one of my greatest personal victories.  Understanding the Nescience of Fear is undoubtedly what I consider to be my greatest victory.


I’m well aware of the fact that others have created voluntaryism long before I was born.  I did not discover their works until after I had fully completed Morality Defined.  What I described to people in the years leading up to the publishing of my works is that many told me what I was explaining is something else but with a more precise definition that is practical.  I couldn’t have been more proud of myself.


Since then I’ve created a number of recordings, podcast like programs, and media.  Please feel free to explore my works.  You are free and welcome to download and print copies of my eBooks, Liberty Defined and Morality Defined.  I only ask that you keep them in their original format and ensure I get credit for them.


Thank you so much for helping to teach how government is an antiquated idea befitting a less civilized period of Humanity’s history.


-Jim Limber Davis

I would love to write full time on the subjects of liberty, philosophy, and morality.  If you would like to help encourage that and more from me, please donate!  My goal is to generate about 10$ / hour for forty hours a week.  This isn't much when compared to the cost of living in a big fancy city such as New York.  Or if you fancy, shop my store for items to help yourself spread the message of Liberty, Freedom, and Voluntaryism!
Thank you for all of your support!
-Jim Limber Davis

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The Liberty Paradox will be my new focus for the Liberty related content I will be producing.  This will include videos, memes, articles, and some direct follower interactions.  

Even though I will focus more on The Liberty Paradox, much of what I create will still be shared here.  One never knows when the leadership of FB may be wrought with the power of the ban hammer!

These are older articles, essays, and posts I wrote and based upon the foundations I've constructed in my books, Liberty Defined and Morality Defined.  These do not include the more recent ideas in which I've learned and begun to incorporate into my work and life.  I've written a multitude of pieces which I am happy to share with the world.  Be sure to make use of the search function located at the top of the page.  If you find value in these works, please be sure to Like, Share, and Comment.  If you would like to help out with basic maintenance costs and encourage more frequent creation and publication of content, please donate.  

JLD in Video

Over the years I've created a few different video and audio programs.  Some are not at all elegant while others are at least palatable.  Hey, we all start somewhere, right?  Here you will find a list of video / audio content I created for my platform of thought concerning philosophy, liberty, and morality.

Liberty & Morality Defined in Meme

Over the years I've created a number of visual aids to encourage critical thinking.  To date I've crafted over 500 different memes for my facebook page, Liberty Defined. (Be sure to scroll up and 'Like' it for updates on Facebook.)  Memes are a great way to help spark a conversation and grab attention. 

My favorites by others

As we grow and learn we encounter content that we go back to, sometimes frequently and from time to time.  This is a short list of the videos which made the greatest impact on me.  Just a note, these videos were discovered after I'd written Liberty Defined.  I did return and make some minor revisions.  But overall, my works core was set in stone.  I hope these videos inspire you as they did me.

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