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If you're reading this then you've come here seeking to learn something, maybe even be entertained; or you've been tricked and for some reason are still reading this.  Please, continue reading and feel free to browse further. 


I'm not your typical author.  I have a strong set of ideals that I maintain.  I've recognized a few truths about Humanity and am intent upon sharing them with as many people as I can.  The first of these truths is that Humanity is in trouble.


Humanity doesn't seem to be able to maintain any real amount of liberty for very long.  This problem is rooted in its failure to understand morality.  And because of what I have figured out, people will hate me.  They will scorn me.  And they will curse me!


That's okay!


People, I believe, genuinely crave freedom to exist.  Yet, they don't know how to understand liberty, how to exercise it properly.  The evidence for this accusation is found in Humanity's inability to reject government wholly.


Of course Humanity's inability to reject government wholly is rooted in its failure to properly understand liberty.  The failure of incorrectly understanding liberty is rooted in a failure to understand morality!


And this is why people will hate me.  Morality, contrary to popular belief, is not subjective; at least not until some appeal to authority is interjected into its definition.  And that's what the problem with humanity is.


So be sure to take your time reading what I have to share here and on the associated social media.  My goal is to educate and entertain; ultimately, to leave behind better fellow human beings than what I was left with!




I post when I can.  Sometimes I post a lot, other times not at all.  What you see here pales in comparison to all that I have created.  Editing and feeling confident about work plays a HUGE part in what is published.  So don't think I have given up if months go by with nothing new. It just means I'm busy figuring something out.  

What's New?

Memorial Day 2018

People are celebrating, or enjoying a day off maybe, and there are big celebrations and micro celebrations throughout all of the states and many of their towns.  And there are also plenty of naysayers, dissenters, and disturbers of the peace...

#TaxationIsTheft, not #TaxationIsVoluntary

This isn’t about the perspective of the intentional advocate of government, but the unintentional advocate of government who thinks they are free because they manipulate the laws imposed upon them.  Specifically this idea is about using the legal routes available to avoid paying certain kinds of taxes.  In this case it is about...

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Natural Law, Morality, and the Inconsistency of Nature

When the various governments around the world decide to make plans to get a human being into outer space or on the Earth’s moon, they often do what they can to create precautions to prevent loss of human life!  Well, that is the plan for most governments.  It is the plan for most companies too.  Right?

It's the small things!

It’s always the small things which add up to create the big things.  It doesn’t matter if we think a tiny white lie won’t hurt anything.  It doesn’t matter if we think slacking off on our job for one day won’t change things.  And it doesn’t matter if we are late by choice because of whatever justification that is in our control.

Agorism, Violence, Voluntaryism

Just something to consider...
A lot of people dissenting against government through the advocacy of agorism and self sustaining means miss a crucial idea.  While not wrong at all...


Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day is a holiday where the armed forces and like are supposed to be remembered for the sacrifices they make concerning freedom.  So what sacrifices?  Normal lives?  Unregulated lives to maintain discipline?  What?

Hypocrisy, Judgment, & Limited Observation

"You're a hypocrite, Jim. You ask for fiat current as donations. That's not honest. It makes you just as bad and guilty as any statist."

Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis?

...I mean the crime of '73?

Demons Run

I was inspired to create this based on the popular Doctor Who plot, Demons Run...Essentially what I expanded upon was the choices a good man can make to find out that sometimes the journey is the destination.  And upon the completion of that...

Thin Blue Line

As all law enforcement swears an oath to uphold every law, even the unjust and unconstitutional and inhumane, they are all guilty of acts of aggression without first being the victims of an unwarranted act of aggression.

Universal Basic Income: Some of what you need to know.

This will be a short version of a video I am working on currently.  (Release date currently unknown.)  So to get started, UBI as I will approach it will be based solely on the premise that everyone will get an equal base income to cover the cost of basic living expenses.

A Robber, A Statist, An Anarchist, And What Binds Them All Together!

When a robber forcefully enters your home with a weapon and intent upon using it to coerce your compliance, what is he or she really telling you?

Sticks 'N Stones

Saying mean, hurtful, nasty, derogatory things to people is like being poked in the shoulder softly. Once. No pain. Twice. No pain. Thrice. No pain. Upon 20 or more times in a relatively short span such may become annoying. No pain still, just an annoyance.

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